Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Blessing

Another early Sunday morning as Anthony & I wake together. My first cup of hot coffee is ready,he is changed and clean. I have moved his play pen right up close to me as he wants to be within touching distances. He has 2 bowls and several wooden spoons in his play pen he is making breakfast. Happy and content. Oh now he has my tin coffee cup and playing me music with the wooden spoon and the bottom of the cup. He is such a good baby. A very precious gift.

The little dogs are playing running and chasing each other all over. The cats are sitting back looking at them thinking thats way to much work this early in the morning,I'll my exercise by watching you guys.

Nick & Rob are still sleeping.

We have a whole load of bread and snacks that need to be unloaded this morning as it sprinkled last night the truck should of been backed in the barn. Oh well lesson learnt.

I never did get to get my new goat yesterday, other things came up that were important that needed to be done. Hoping today. Have left them an email about picking him up this morning.

Hoping the sun comes out today, as I have lots of laundry to do,it doesnt take long for it to build back up once you dont do it every day and having no dryer ,my drying days depend now on the weather.

I am very proud of Anthony he is 14 mos old and we have been potty training him for a few mos now and he is doing great. I am hoping maybe by late summer he will potty trained. Just one of our many summer goals.

Last night was another early night,Anthony and I went up and watched more Little House movies. They never get old. Crocheted another 8 rows on my afghan I am making.

The sun is shining nicely right now, lets Pray it stays out. i would like to get the goat, and prepare the some of the spots for my raised bed gardens. mark has given me some 6 x6's and I need to pick them up and could do that this morning on the way back from the goat. Want to get these gardens going.
Winter food depends on a great crop,not just a good one. i have found so many articles I have shared one Face Book on different things to plant in baskets and pots, any one and every one can plant something. Make a salad basket. Plant lettuces and edible flowers in one, hanging tomatoes, and cucumbers do wonderful.You dont need acres top plant something. I am hoping to have our new farmers porch on this yr also and you can bet those hanging flowers baskets are all going to be edible. The word is already out about produce for sale here so I am on the spot to work hard this summer. Prayers for a bumper crop in haying also. We had to buy every stem of hay this past yr. We are now looking for pigelts also. We have a ample supply of bread coming in and pigs would love it.
Well Rob is now up so its my time ot move away from the computer. You all have a Blessed Sunday
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