Friday, January 29, 2010

Blustery in the neighborhood

OH MY LORD. Winter has returned. Blustery is saying it mildly.Last night we received 3 inches of snow and dont even have to plow it, the wind has blown it clear off the driveway.
Very Very Cold this morning.
Chores will be done quickly and not a lot of talking to the animals and hanging around outside. Just NOT that kind of day.
Anthony went home yesterday. Hoping he comes back Monday. I need to spend today CLEANING my house. I bought enough hay yesterday so I dont really have to go to town for anything. Really need to buckle down and do some deep cleaning while baby isnt here.
Today is my nephews birthday. He would of been 19. Heaven is having a glorious birthday party thats for sure. Tyler we love and miss you so much.Show heaven how us rednecks throw a bash.

Trying to think of something warm for supper. Rob will be out in this weather all day on the log truck. Maybe a nice corn chowder and corn bread. Want to make a cake today. Robbie is at his moms this weekend, not sure if Nick is going any where.

So what are you up to today? Whats cooking at your house?
Well I suppose cant think of anything right now to share so I am off to do some cleaning. You have a wonderful and blessed day
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