Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day long weekend 2016

Good morning from the  mountain! Its gorgeous out there. Looking around and seeing all my trees have beautiful greenery on them now. Leaves are unfolding and making a lush canopy.
Was tickled to pieces the other day when a friend stop by and rototilled my garden,,, one happy Simple farm Girl. This weekend will be spent putting in the garden and cleaning up the yard.

Our newest additions come Saturday 4 more piglets to go with the 3 piglets we already have. Another batch of meat birds will be  here in two weeks. Smaller batches several times instead of all at once.
Glad to get the farm back up and running and feeling like I am accomplishing something instead of running in circles.. Still want a milk cow.. But will settle for my milk goats right now. Once the real barn is built I will be able to have it filled to the brim with kritters..  One more step in providing my family with home grown meats and vegies from right here on the farm. Praying for an awesome growing year.  For kritters and vegies.
Today is busy here on the farm, getting everything done this morning, as I have to work tonight at the race track in Rumney/Wentworth in the kitchen,,,love that job,, so glad my Aunt thought to ask me about it,,
I have Avon to deliver and brochures to get out today also.
Hoping to open the farm stand tomorrow with crafts and baked goodies.

Have an awesome long weekend. Enjoy family and friends,,,BUT PLEASE take a few moments to remember those who gave all..... For that is the true meaning of your long weekend.

God Bless ------stay safe------

The Simple Farm Girl
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