Monday, May 2, 2011

May 02,2011

Good Morning from the farm. its May 2nd already. It has been a very emotional few weeks here. 2 friends have died. a week apart. One sadly took his own life, which is heart breaking in its self and the 2nd died while working and happen to be the uncle to the first man. Family has had enough tragedy. The funeral and service were yesterday for Milton, he left behind 5 kids and a g/f of 21 yrs, and several grandchildren who when it all settles down will miss him terribly. My prayers go out to my friend Alice and her family. May Gods comfort find you and help you thru this terrible time.

Our snow is finally gone. babies have been born. With all the hectic in the past few weeks I forgot when I posted last. Anyways if this is a repeat, I am sorry. We have a new calf name Knickers born on the 14th.
Several of my pygmy does are  due right off soon. I know Molly is due around the 22nd and the other 2 will follow shortly after. I am going to be totally amazed if she only has one, twins anyways I bet. I totally enjoy my goats, They give me a peace and calming feeling watching. Now the weather is getting warmer in the morning and the snow has finally gone, I enjoy sitting early in the morning while the first wake up and watch the prancing and twisting. My rooster have been hard at work already this morning, trying to wake everyone since before 4am. Dont think they are having good luck since they seem to be the only ones up.

Few more weeks and I will be able to put them in the pasture, the grass is finally starting to grow. Its way to wet up there right now. So today I need to find some hay. Our last round bale will be finished today. I will enjoy the warmer weather thats for sure when everyone can run around and be up in the pasture.

Guess its time for me to start my plants  so they will be ready to put in the ground in 4-5 weeks. I always started to  in February  before and always had such  funky looking plants and up here we are lucky to plant before Memorial day anyways. With the prices of everything going  sky high we have to plant more and be aware of what we plant. More direct choices for the family not just things to put on the farm stand. I need to go up back and dig out alot of my 5 gallons buckets , some thing will be plants in them.

Today a lady is suppose to come and buy Andy my toggenburg wether, she is looking for a companion for her pony. Andy should fit the bill. He is getting very pushy with the pregnant does lately and needs to go some where that he will be able to  be top goat. I will miss him but in a way it will be a good miss. She is also trading me Deanna for a Nigerian dwarf doe, she is  in need of a milking goat and Deanna is Alpine. Makes me feel better they are going to the same farm. I need to concentrate just on my milking herd now and  my little ones to sell. Main streaming the farm. No more just pets. Cant afford the grain and hay. Another way i need to just get back to basics.
The gas prices here have hit 4.00 a gallon. I dont leave the farm if I dont have to, and there better be more than one reason to leave.
The cost of things I need to buy to make living simpler is getting so expensive. I cant grow flour here and even the store brands are climbing in price I have seen a big jump in sugar and flour in less than a year.There are something we just cant grow and need to be able to buy. so every time there is a sale on baking supplies I stock up. Some days we will have our own bees and be able to do maple syrup again  and that will cut our sugar cost down. Rob and I both stopped using sugar in our coffee yrs ago. Two of my kids drink coffee but its more like sugar with coffee side dressing.

I suppose I need to get busy and go out and haul some more wood in the dawn has finally arrived here on the mountain and animals will be wondering where their breakfast is also.
With rain cmong for the next 4 days i want to make sure all laundry is in, and we have some extra wood in side to take the damp chill off.
terrible, May and still burning wood for heat not just cooking. As soom as the pasture dries out i can take the goats up in the morning and start picking up alot of down trees from the winter and haul them down to burn instead of hitting the wood pile. Plus it will clean up the pasture. We went thru alot of wood this year. Hoping  we will get the rest of the insulation in the  walls that we are replacing and  put the pine boards up that should cut down on alot of heat loss.

I pray you all have a wonderful week. trying to get back in the routine of writting in the mornings before everyone else gets up, but sometimes my body is up  but my mind is still snuggling  in the warm bed. LOL
Have a wonderful day

God Bless
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