Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb-- coming to a close

Thank Goodness! I dont think I could stand another February like this one. Life hasnt been dull. We have way more snow than I would of like,by the feets. Snow storm where predicted in inches and we would get a foot. Been hard on the animals, my poor pot belly pig Wilbur died on Valentines Day. I really think he knew something was wrong,he has been staying in his igloo but came and laid right next to the kennel door. I would of never gotten him out of the igloo til spring if he hadnt of.

The whole month hasnt been bad, honestly, the snow has taken its toll on me. Last week i was so sick i actually went back to bed and that never happens. Exhausted from haul and pulling and tugging on round bales all day Sunday and over did it cutting and trying to split wood on Monday. By Wednesday i was dead and could barely move. Took me 4 days to even get enough engery to get dressed. When they say 900 pound round bales will kick your butt they arent kidding and I had 35 to move. But all is taken care o. and all the animals have plenty of hay for the rest of this very long long winter.

I know its been a very long since I have written I actually have set up another web page that has the farm on it and a virtual store from things I make here and can sell. If you would like to check it out it is

Shows pictures of some of the animals, products I make and sell on the farm stand.

happy news this month we found we will be adding a new baby to the family. Stop and breath I am 51 in March its not mine directly, Miss Lilly will be welcomed in the family late June early July, our 11th grandchild. My youngest daughter is expecting her first child. So I am excited to have another grand daughter this will be #7. Anthony is still keeping me busy and my pride and joy. He just turned 2 Feb11th.

We had our last baby goat born the day after on the 12th we named him Jeffrey. Hoping the next births will be calves. should be no more goats born until May. Doesnt look like the sheep are bred, kind of sad was hoping to see little curly haired babies prancing around.

Dec 23rd I did have 3 Pygmies does given to me to that was exciting.

After this past week getting over 18inches of snow, I am ready for March,mud season and spring. Looking forward to gardens,haying and just the warm gentle breezes of summer.

We have decided on adding more animals to the farm this year in hopes to not have to buy and store bought meat at all next year. between laying hens, turkeys,guinea hens and a few ducks will round out the new feathered friends. we now have 13 goats,hoping when we are done to have 6 milkers. All babies right now have been bucks, not much good for increasing the milk herd, but we will take them anyways. Still have a few rabbits not as many as before, just keeping them as pets to use in the petting farm i plan on having this year.

Today has been an easy day. Anthony and I have been sewing new napkins, i think we have 24 done right now. I have to iron them and they will be ready to go. I have made a choice not to buy any paper products other than toilet paper for a whole year. I received alot of sheets from a friend and cut and hemmed and made some pretty napkins. Going to make a table cloth out of the left over piece. I have been making lots of small laps quilts and lots of baby things lately.

I hope you all have a great weekend
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