Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miss Daisy & her triplets

triplets born 11/28/2010 Brownie the papa

Daisy the Momma
Miss Daisy gave birth today to 3 adorable little bucks. Her first birth and we have triplets.. She is an awesome momma. I feel like I have waited forever for this,, we are so excited.
Fall is over and winter has come to the farm. Not a welcome sight. We have a heavy dusting of snow which makes it slippery out side to walk. Trying to get everyone button down for the long winter mos.Tomorrow main job will be getting the chicken coop done I have been trying for mos to do this and tomorrow it will be done. I have 3 doz chickens who are laying eggs some where and in their coop is not it. Wilbur has been moved to the cow barn, he will get a fenced in pen because the cows do have to come back down. The shed will be cleaned out for the goats and sheep and Daisy will stay in hay barn with her babies until they are bigger. I know I haven't written in long time and its time to get back to doing what I love sharing about my life and farm. My animals, my children and grand children.
I have been doing alot of knitting for different fairs and events to help with extra money to pay for taxes on the farm. In this day and age every penny helps.
I hope every one has an enjoyable night I must get busy I have a pr of mittens to finish before morning. have a great night
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