Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Month- March 2011

A new month has come. We are a step closer to spring. Can you hear the spring in my step and the giggle in my voice? Today the sun shone wonderfully. An amazing little boy blessed me with the wonder and amazement on how children see things. Anthony and I cleaned the big bathroom and the sun shine was brightly glaring across the bathroom floor. That little boy was glued looking the reflection of the window and sun coming thru the window., Every couple minutes he came and took me by the hand and said the sun the sun. It nice gramma, its nice . Tonight he kept taking my hand and standing just where the window reflection was saying be nice come back sun be nice. Precious. He is such a precious little boy. I totally enjoy my days with him.

The sun was beautiful today, I got alot done inside, didnt spend any time outside. Hoping to finish making napkins tomorrow, need to wash them and iron them.
Had a gentleman come today to give me a second bid on a remodel job on Nicks bathroom, lots of work to make it handicapp accessible.

Was blessed today with the gift of a ram, and a pack goat, they will arrive Thursday.
Hoping to start milking Daisy and Abby this week. Need to get a milking stand made. Since neither have been milked before it should be easier with a stand. Cant wait to learn the soap recipes,,my poor fingers are so cracked.

Tomorrow if nice I need to shovel out the wood splitter, I really was hoping Rob would of plowed it witht he bull dozer today but I guess he forgot. Pray for warm weather tomorrow, so Anthony can play outside with me while I split.

Not alot going on now waiting for Pk to pick up the girls so I can go to bed. early morning. 4am gets here way to soon sometimes.
But anyways i pray you all have a great night

God Bless
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