Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6,2011---I think Spring might be coming

Its April 6th and I think Spring might actually make an appearance this week. Of course to look at our yard you would think we were still having winter.
So much has happened since my last post. And I am sorry for not posting more often, which I am trying to fix.
Several more animals have been born and lots more have made Ledge Hill Farm their homes. Just last weekend we went to pick up 5 more goats, 3 Nubian does and 1 sannan buck and 1 wether.Cant remember if I posted about Ralphy or not, Ralphy is our ram.Not the most friendliest, not mean, just not sociable. Added to the herd are Lilly,Annie,Naomi the does,JJ and Nibble the sannans. If things work right I am borrowing a Nubian buck this week to breed the new does with. At the same time Brownie will going to a new farm  to breed another doe there.

We do have bright sun today which in its self is a Blessing. Everyone here has been so sick with this nasty flu that just wont seem to leave us alone.Hoping this weekend to open up the house and kick the flu bug to the curb.Nicholas is home today sick, and he even asked to stay home so ya know he is sick.

Next month will be exciting around here and very busy as 3 more goats should deliver all the little Pygmy are due in May and both cows are starting to fill up. Dot will be milked once she has her calf. Wont try milking Lucy, she isn't the friendlies sort, not being hand raised but raised in the pasture she will be 2 in July and only now will let me at least scratch her head. Would like to see other round of one each heifer and bull. Since Jacob will go in freezer this fall,a new bull will go in  in 2 yrs..

Have new roosters now so fertile eggs can be had. Hoping some of my bantams might set on some would love to have babies instead of buying them.
Head out today to get the rest of the things I need to start my plants for the garden. I usually start them in March but our ground is still covered in snow and it will be a good month before all the frost is out of the ground if not longer.
Unless I do alot of raised beds, tilling wont happen til very late May early June.
Bought a couple blueberry bush a couple weeks ago if they dont find a bucket soon the dog and cats will have them dead.

Well I suppose the sun is out and everythign is warming up nicely, I should get busy and get off  the computer. Theres always laundry and 1000's of other things that require my attention, and now that I have been sick for 3 days theres even more to do.
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day.

God Bless
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