Monday, February 15, 2010

Gooood Monday Morning

Ever felt like the whole pond of frogs have taken up residence in your throat? Thats how I feel today. I actually feel fine its just my voice isnt mine. I do believe theres a bull frog lumming some where in there.

My husband is off to work, very lucky he got to get a later start, doesnt have to be in Marlow until 7:30. Boy is that a whole lot better than 6. I had a hard time getting up this morning,I was finally sleeping.

As I mention in yesterdays post we bought a new washer. I am so excited I have never had a NEW one, they have always been new to me but never brand new. Dont get me wrong old faithful isnt going any where. Mr.Wringer is still going to get used. I am not totally crawling in the 2010 yr yet. But I must say it was a Blessing to 2 loads last night and not have to haul or empty bucket. My back will enjoy it so much better. Hopefully this machine wont have a lint problem, everything I wash seems to get linting and I dont have a dryer. Maybe this will be better, well I didnt get the lint in the wringer just in my old washer, that had been used 100 yrs before I got it and ya can never find a lint screen, believe me I have tried.

So this morning I will be doing Cleaning and washing, I really cant wait to finally get totally caught up. Now if I had a clothes line that would hold all the sheets and blankets. Rob has promise me a brand new clothes line as soon as ground thaws, one with 4 post and lots of lines. My tree died that the last clothes line was strung between. Anyways.

If baby doesnt feel better this morning I will make appointment for him, I think like me he feels fine but when he starts coughing he throws up and he has a nasty cough so maybe they can give me something for the cough. He is teething some terrible he drooled more yesterday than I have seen ever.

Nick is home today from day program, so we will clean his room also. And he can pratice some of his writting and letters.

My mom heads to Fla today for a 2 week vacation, safe flight mom love ya.

I do believe today I will put a nice roast on top of wood stove and cook that for supper and add the potatoes and vegies as supper draws closer. Thinking of cream puffs for dessert or maybe no bake cookies.

Its a holiday so no banks are open I dont know if our dump is or not, but I will hit the dump Wednesday.

Rob talked about moving the stairs last night again, finally talk anyways about getting the house finished inside, my house has never been in such shambles. We took out a complete room when last daughter moved out which meant at the same time my kitchen cabinets came out because the floor or ceiling which ever way you look at it was taken out also. So when friends were here we were trying to figure out how I could get the best use out of the space I have. I have a picture of what I want it to look like. theres a wonderful lady on the HT site I go on and she has a beautiful house and I fell in love with her kitchen,, the picture above is how I want my kitchen to look when its done. Right we are living with no cabinets at all everything is on shelves or a flat surface and I am getting my pilots license and I dont like it, because if its got a flat spot I have been (piling it).
Well I suppose since day light has not rounded the mountain yet I should go haul up some wood and get the stove going better to dry all the clothes I shall shortly be hanging over it. Get the floor cleaned up and put a blanket down so baby can play in his new yard my son gave me, gated in but at least he can stand and walk around so I dont have to have in play pen all day and he might learn to walk. Blessing in small ways
You all have a super day and remeber to find Blessing in small things. God hides them every where not always in the big things
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