Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Day

Well today the weather men are not with it in our neck of the woods. Messed up a whole bunch of peoples day. School is cancelled, Rob didnt get to go to work in the big truck becuz we were suppose to have snow and bad weather by now. We dont. I did let Nick go to day program becuz it isnt snowing now or yet. by the time the day was done they had cancelled school for nothing, boy I bet that made alot of parents happy. Rob missed a day of work becuz the snow didnt start int he morning when they said it was suppose to it waited til late afternoon.
Met with PK for a few minutes in Plymouth. I feel bad for her and am praying Hailey doesnt have to golive with her dad. It will really mess that little girl up. She only knows living with mom and goes into a panic at the thoughts of Fridayand having to go visit Dad and his wife. Didnt do much else dont feel good, sat and worked on my new afghan the rest of the evening. made America Chop Suey for supper. MY precious grandson shouldnt have much of a cold left, he gave me a doozie of one. Havent felt this bad in a yr or so. Didnt know one nose could run and be stuffed up at some time, I feel like I have been run over and backed up on and then had a u-ie pulled on me just to make sure i was hit good.. But good days are ahead. this is just another step to spring. power of positive thinking,, I am postive i feel like crap. have a great day.
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