Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Morning after-- the NOT snow storm

Well the morning after the Supposely big snow storm we didnt get. I bet we didnt get 3 inches. They cancelled school andRob lost a whole day of work. Boy did they mess up predicting this one. It never started til after school would of been out.
Today we have the farrier coming to shoe the 2 boys, I am hoping to get a couple pictures of the process if he doesnt mind.
Rob will go to work this afternoon after the boys are done. I have to go to get more hay and grain. Deliver eggs and pick up cartons. What a great switch, neighbors and friends save cartons for me and in exchange they get eggs. The bartor system is great.
Robbie will be here this afternoon for the next 5 days anyways. Our school is on Feb. vacation next week.
My second grandson turns 13 on Thursday. Happy Birthday to DEREK. Next month 3 grand daughters have birthdays around mine. March 18th-21st-23rd. Going to give Derek money, what do you buy a 13 yr old who is a computer gaming kid. Loves that stuff. So money will let him buy a new game or what ever he wants.
My grandson still doesnt feel good. he gave me one doozie of a cold. And now he wants to cuddle and I am trying to stay out of his face. Not what he wants.
Working on my brown toned afghan, hoping to get that done today. I dont plan on doing alot, maybe resting will help my throat. But then again sweating it out works also. LOL Play it by ear i guess.
Well closing for now will add pictures from the horses feet being done later.
Looking up old fashion recipes also. Going back to basic on my cooking. Simple down to earth dishes that can be for the most part grown at home or found in the wild. Trying so hard not to buy any more than I have to.
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