Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday snowy out there

I am sorry for not posting for a couple days. I have been very much under the weather so to speak. My darling Anthony gave me his cold which for me turned in to full blown flu. I don't get sick often but boy when I do watch out.
I don't know about your house but in this one,certain people get sick and the world stops while others are dragging hinny and still keep plugging along. My husband gets sick the world comes to a screaming halt, he stays in bed he wants to be waited on hand an foot (ok that's no different than other day), me I get sick so i cant drive type sick I still cook,clean do chores and take care of a baby, I didn't see me in bed whining how bad I felt. Shows the different levels of pain, and strengths people have. But anyways, I got a decent night sleep baby slept between grampa and me most of the night, right where he was wanted to be. He wanted nothing to do with his crib, he was so cute, me he claws the crap out of my face and grampa he was gentling and softly rubbing his back with his fingers while he was falling a sleep, like a little kitten kneading on something.

I took extra pictures the other day of my animals i will post them also, cant get the picture thing on here figured out on how to post them and arrange them so i can write next to them, who knows maybe ya cant. I will have to ask a Blogger friend how she does hers.

I have alot to do today, store to restock paper products and dog food, wish I had more time I would make their dog food instead of buying all the store stuff. I also have to clean the rental today we have people leaving and coming in so praying it isnt a bad mess.

Been considering different topics to write about, give me some feed back, was thinking about doing recipes of the day, one week do desserts, another breads,casseroles, what do ya think, but find Ole fashion back in time recipes. I am trying to go back and use what they would cook with back in 1800's when they didnt have all the modern store conviences. When everything wasnt instant and microwavable. They didnt have the weight problems we have now, people had to get up and do stuff, how many farmers do you see over weight in the 1800's. Takes engery to walk behind a plow or to cut hay by hand. Myself i would love to have the chance to live like that just to prove to myself I can do it. To be on one of those wilderness shows where they have to build their own houses and store stuff for winter cut wood, I think it would be great.

I was reading idfferent parts of magazines we get, this article was on growing your own chicken feed. I pay alot out in grains for all my animals I need to find things I can grow and store for the winter months for my animals. As they stated chickens didnt have store bought feed in the wild.
Sometimes i think they have produced a chicken that wont lay eggs unless its getting layer pellets, mine seem to go on strike with out grains store bought. but this yr will be different their pens will be made where they get to get out side in a bigger area and scratch for feed also. We have a hay field we do and the people said we can do anything with it..Myself i would like to harrow it up and plant corn, the cows,horses,chickens goats everything eats corn. I believe we only get 100 bales of hay off from it so maybe we could get more benfit out of planting a crop instead. I would mean more work it the beginning but worth if it works this coming winter.

If you plant a crop for your animals feed let me know how it goes and what you plant. Always looking for ways to be more self sufficient.
Going to try my hand at growing and drying my own herbs this yr haven't given it a shot before but it about time.Making raised bed gardens to make it easier on my back.

I was thinking also the other day, I placed a ad on Craigslist to sell my glenwood kitchen cook stove, because of the way the house is being remodeled it is to big for the space and with Nick he could fall and get burnt, Sitting here this morning I had a brain cramp,, I don't want to really sell it, i do enjoy sitting next to it with my rocking chair and knitting,crocheting or just having a cup of coffee and reading. I think my stove ought to go in my shop, I will need heat, I want to give the shop a rustic, country feel, almost ole timey where you'd see the old men playing checkers on the front porch, feel, did ya know what I mean. If I put the stove in there and some chairs, ya all could stop for coffee and donuts and sit a spell, could have soups or stews simmering for supper while I worked out there, would cut down on any clutter because of the clearance needed for the stove, maybe a braided rug on the floor, kind of like coming into someones kitchen. Make it look like a country kitchen for the old days, have the butter churn and ice cream maker, canning jars plant, eggs baskets and milk cans for decorations but use them to hold things. Give me some feed back on it. Let me know what ya think.
Sitting here looking out the window and be able to see the total yard, and its only 6:30. Loving it. more daylight mean spring is coming and warmer weather will soon follow. dreaming of the first morning warm enough to take coffee outside and sit on front step.
Well time to get the boys in gear or they're both going to be late.
have a very Blessed day
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