Saturday, February 13, 2010

Way to Early

Good Morning. Its way to early to be awake. First pot of coffee is made, first cup is mostly gone. Mr.Anthony had me up at 3:30a.m. coughing so hard. I do believe a trip to doctors will be in order this week for him. He has such a bad cough and running nose now. Came on with in 2 days. But the whole family at his moms is sick with the same thing. Little guy its sad he coughs so hard he vomits. Need to see if I can find a natural remidy to give him before dr.s visit.
So excited today Rob doesnt have to work. We might be able to get a few things done here. The basement still needs hoeing out to put in the wood furance we're suppose to be getting from his boss. Never mind the log load of wood that needs to be delivered next week.
Exerise time, I love to split wood I really do.

Valentines Day tomorrow, was a really special day in 1993 I married a really special man. Even had to wait for him to return home from work because of Blizzard to get married. Sadly things didnt stay the way they should of and we got divorced but still are good friends, So Happy Valentines day Mark.
It will be a year also tomorrow Rob's gram died so I dont think celebrating will be in order. besides my husband isnt a hopeless romantic over the past 5 years I have learnt thats its just another day and am Blessed every day to have him so I dont need one day for him to prove it. If I waited for that I would be sadly disappointed.
But of course this is coming from the man who (doesnt need a cell phone) but calls every hr to check on me, just to talk. So I guess I get shown in ways that arent material. he did tell me one day along time ago he would buy me 11 roses, and I asked why the 11 ,he said cuz I was the first rose and that would make a dozen.AWH!!!!! Sweet. I have all my letters he wrote me when we first were together, so He's a god guy guess I will keep him. LOL Happy Valentines Rob. I love you.

Are you as excited about spring and warm weather as I am? I ist here and look out into the dark yard and dream how in a month or so it will be almost light at this time, it will be warmer. by May I can sit on the step and drink my coffee. Maybe by May I wont be sitting here with flannels and wooly socks and a lap quilt also.

Hold on Coffee refill. Be right back. Do you have your coffee? Would you like me to get you a cup? How do you take it? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your morning with me and sitin a spell.
So how do you celebrate Valentines Day? Its it special in your house or is it just another day?

Think I will spend a little time going to thru my seed catalogs today. Have so much I want to do, now to find the time and the energy.

The houses needs to be finished in side and out this yr the pole barn needs to be put up,chicken house needs moving. and the horses need their winter pen built. Just a few things on the Honey do list. Thats doesnt count the gardens the shop I want to put in and petting farm.

I was reading my Backyard Homesteading book yesterday in the log truck I am up to berries. I want to be able to grow our own blueberries and strawberries, I love raspberries also. I want it all, LOL now to do it. I want to be more self suffient this yr than last. The less I can spend at the grocery store is more that can be put back into the farm.
Now to work on the public services we pay so much for lights, phone etc.

What kinds of things would you like to see on this Blog? What information can I help you with that might make your lifestyle a little more self suffient and less depending on the out side world, recipes,gardening tips animals? Let me know?

Well I think I will refill my cup and go see what my Husband is doing now he is awake. You all have a great and Blessed day, talk to you later
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