Friday, February 5, 2010

The Sun lies

Ok maybe the sun isnt lying, but it sure is making you think it is nice and warm out. Its not. The sun is shining so nice out it looks like it could be a nice day about 50 out..LOL right, more like Burrr-30 and thats if you step outside with out the wind blowing.
Need to find my energy today. I still have to finiish moving that wringer wash machine in the house, its sitting about 50' from the door, let me tell ya thats a long 50' espeically thru the snow and up hill to the front door. Then i have to bring it up 7 steps to get it on the porch to get it in the door.
Really would like to cuddle up in front of the wood stove and crochet. Just put a nice home grown smoked ham on the wood stove, couple hrs from now i will add the cabbage,potatoes,carrots, and turnips. It should be smelling so good in here pretty soon. Really ought to make some bread to go with it, and maybe if I find my energy, I will make a pumkin pie.

That head ach I had yesterday wiped me out still dont have any energy. Need a swift kick in the butt I guess, coffee isnt doing any thing for me today. Maybe some sugar, awh ice cream,,maybe, wonder if it would work, energy-ice cream.. Doesnt do much for the weight I am trying to loose, but neither is sitting on my butt. LOL
Awh well Ineed to get busy. Not much happening here at Ledge Hill Farm today chores,laudry, normal cleaning, same stuff different day.
I did stop at 6a.m. thismorning and have coffee with my son Bobby. that was nice.

Ok finding my gloves and coata nd headingoutside to throw another bale of hay to the animals and move that washer, wish me luck, yesterday it gave me a headach.LOL
Have a splendid day stay warm and safe,

God Bless and put Him first in all you do.
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