Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Thursday Morning

What a nice day out. day light is making its presence earlier every day. I love it. cant wait for it to be day light at 5am. As we left this morning we were Blessed to see 2 moose out side out driveway. the bull still had his rack which is a little odd this time of yr. Sitting here with my 3rd cup of coffee i am watching the calves kick and jump and twist around, the simple joys of living on a farm.
The wind is blowing this morning which adds a nip tot he air,but still refreshing.
Headed out shrtly to do chores. So thankful not hunting for hay today. Have to go get the food down to the store today and do some laundry, didnt get the washer moved up stairs yesterday maybe today.

Went an spent some time at my moms yesterday she gave me a nice big bag of yarn, going to make some old fashion granny square afghans. trying to get things made to put in the shop. Still trying to decide on a name for it. Rob says, whats wrong with ledge Hill farm, well thats fine but i want something directly related to the shop at Ledge Hill Farm. if that make sense to any one . waiting on my homesteading license to be able to sell bake goods from home. Already sell my eggs. We now have white eggs not just brown ones.
Hoping for it to get a little warmer soon, i need to clean out the front of the cow barn so i will have a lace ready for the goat to have her baby. i would love to see her have twins, but will be blessed to have a healthy one.

Went to Historical Meeting last night and they have changed the name for Community Day, which is a good thing. We now will have Old Home Day. This yrs idea is what would Alexandria have for a old home day in 1800? Hey my normal clothes will fit in when every one else is looking for clothes to dress the part, i will just be dressed normal. i knew my stuff would come in handy and back in style. LOL

Bought fabric the other day to make grand daughters prairie dresses, hoping to have them done for Easter.
Well my friends its time for me to get busy, supper is in the crock pot -pot roast, and animals are requesting breakfast.
You all have a super day and stay warm safe and Blessed
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