Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunny Monday- Feb 1st

Wow feb 1st already. Oh believe me thats a big yippee. although i do know that Feb-March around here can be pretty tough. I have done alot of running around today and now i am home to CLEAN. Spent way to much money at Walmart this morning. But there are some things ya just need to get. We needed new shower curtain, I am in a contest with my oldest daughter to loose weight. So of course i needed scales. needed new liter box, do you believe it was cheaper to buy a dish pan than a liter box and the pan is bigger. So we have bright candy apple red dish pan for a liter box now. LOL Got Rob 2 more pair of work pants since they were on sale. Picked up the grand daughter new summer clothes for .50-1.00 a piece. Cant seem to spell today so if I miss a word just fill it in,LOL
Got laundry going, left water in wringer the other day and my load was froze,, hopefully with hot water going thru it I can thaw it all out. Really need to move it up stairs.. I just might before the end of the week.
Got all the animals watered and chores done,, need to leave in a while to go buy some hay again.

Going to ride in log truck in morning with Rob to Shelburne to deliver logs, long trip and early so he likes company.
Needed to take a break for a minutes so figured I would write on here, cracked several eggs a little while ago, thought it was one,, but it werent. So I have egg white in a coat pocket. Oh well gotta love farming,, which i do
Got the Roast in crock pot, thinking about garlic bread and mashed potatoes, vegie. Have to go to bed early also cuz 2am comes way to soon.
I suppose I need to run and see if the hay guy is home and get that out of the way.
Have a great day
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