Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Morning 2/6/2010

This morning started out on a rocky foot. Made the guys lunches to take in the log truck, and before Robbie could put his in his lunch box, 2 of the cats had eatten his sandwich,, the kicker was he stood there and watched them. HELLO, cats on table(bad) 2. their eatting your lunch. The my darlng child decided to tell me his pants werent totally dry, really ya took the ones from the furthest away from the stove so no they didnt dry first. needless to say by the time everything was done Robbie has stayed home and Rob is in log truck, Obvisouly he really didnt want to go with his father today for some reason, other than he heard me say we were going to a b-day flash its for an 8 yrs old he still isnt going. So now he s pissy with me,, suck it up and get over it, your going to be 13, and not your hanging out with 3-8yrs , he can act young enough and immature already. We have Anthony this weekend, should of known as soon as i take his play pen down i get him back,, which is Ok with me,
I have to go out and do chores, and then get this fire going, seems cold in here today temp on my desk says 56.4,little chilly for baby My (L) doesnt want to work today I have to keep going back and inserting them again.So if I miss some sorry. First to have another coffee and orange for breakfast.Cows are standing at the fence waiting for their grain and hay, horses are at their gate waiting for their breakfast also, guess i better hurry up.
The sun is trying to peak over the mtn. But its not very warm out there.
Well Rob called an said a spring broke on the big truck, so he is headed to drop his trailer and then to the spring place to get it fixed.
I guess I better get busy the animals arent getting their own feed, boy I cant wait til summer is here and they all can be on the pasture.
Didnt get to make my laundry soap yesterday going to try to do that in a little while also, will post recipe for it,, so easy and fresh smelling, A little time yeilds alot of soap and saves so much money.
Have a wonderful Saturday and all things give God the Glory
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