Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blustery,Blessed Sunday Morning

The wind is whistling around the house and in some places whistling thru the house. the joys of remodeling.
Coffee was nice this morning Anthony and I spent several hours alone while the others slept. Peaceful and calm as we sat and watched the beautiful sun rise. i posted pictures on my face book from out my front window, didnt do justice to the beautiful colors that were there. The vivid pinks and purples blended to gray with the tree top of white highlights, as the sun made its way over the mountain .
breakfast has been made and eatten and dishes done, Home grown breakfast, bacon,home fires, and pancakes with nice maples syrup,( oh cant wait to tap this yr).
Rob & Robbie have gone for the day to work on the log loader. And after yesterday with Robbie and his actions i needed a break.
I have gotten to talk to my brother Paul in Fla this morning, he is a logger also. Him and his wife Rene are headed to Daytona next week for the big race. have fun guys.
My mom is headed to Fla also next week for a vacation, i pray the weather is warm for her and she gets the rest she needs.

Looking out the front window the wind hasnt died down at all and now its spitting snow. Rob did throw the horses a bale of hay, but seem to forget the cows and goats might of like a bale, guess i need to go out and do that soon.
need to post some different recipes one for laundry soap and looking for a good one for dish soap, the store brands seem to be stronger and not rinsing off like usual. Dont need all the chemiacl any ways.

Looks like a good day to finish what ever laundry needs to be done and wash some floors, play with Anthony and crochet next to the wood stove.

Guess i better not forget Sunday dinner, better go find a nice roast and put that on the wood stove to simmer although a nice split pea soup and ham with corn bread sounds pretty good, since Rob will be out in the cold all day.

Time to get busy, you all have a Blessed day
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