Monday, February 8, 2010

out my front window..

Good Morning, this is the view from my front window. The sun was bright and pretty colors of pink, today we were Blessed to have orange into purple and greys. My window screen dims the colors you are able to see, I am sorry. But wanted to share the beautiful view of God's grace this morning.
We are so Blessed to live on the mountain we live on. Most days we have peace and quiet. The sounds of nature and the farm animals surrounds us on a daily bases. The sights out my front window this morning are as follows, my cows are rambling around their pasture waiting for their new feeding of grain and hay. The 2 horses have their heads over their gate watching the cows and listening to the chickens and that mouthy rooster. I personally love my mouthy roosters, we have 2 and they are just great. We actually had the roosters before the chickens, I know kind of like the cart before the horse, which techanically we had that also.
The sun is out and shows me just how icy my driveway is.
I can also hear the rabbit"Blue" who resides in the house, thumping his foot on his cage, Charlie the ferret is sleeping, earlier he greeted me at the top of his cage waiting for food. Daisy the goat is sleeping soundly next to her house and Stray the dog in in the kennel. Thats about it for out side, inside the kittens are being kittens, the dogs are all being lazy and sleeping and the baby is eatting crackers.
I do believe we will go to the store today and buy Anthony a new crib mattress I think the one I had given to me has mold in it, I can smell mold now in my room and he has woken up stuffy for 3 mornings. So I wont take any chances with his health.
Speaking of Anthony my sweet little grandson he will be 1 yr old this week Feb 11.
I am not sure yet if he will be here or back home with his mom, but we will have cake at some point. I know everyone throws big birthday parties for their first one,but he wont remember it and I would rather throw him a big one in a couple yrs where he will be up running around and more active, I say that now. LOL
Rob left this morning at 2:30 a.m. to go on a long trip with a load of logs, I usually ride this trip but with baby there isnt enough seat belts. He was going with another truck so at least he would have company.
Had a busy day yesterday did loads and loads of laundry and made over 7 gallons of laundry soap. So we're set for a month or so.Gracious I hope til at least summer depends on the boys and how much laundry they give me.
Just fed baby breakfast and I have had several cups of coffee and a bananna. Really should be crocheting or something to get things stocked up for the new shop going in.
Need to pick Rob up metal cutting blades today for the sawsall he is making a new barrell stove for making maple syrup. Its almost that season. Well time to get busy. have a wonderful day.
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