Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No energy,but things need to be done

Even when your down and out,the animals and critters around the farm still need feed and water.

Ever had one of those days were you cant get out of your own way?

That seems to be what kind of day I am having. Baby and I spent the night in the recliner so Rob could sleep. He is teething,baby not Rob. So between the recliner,not reclining fully,baby fussing, and Rob snoring so loud and the dogs who cant seem to sleep unless they are touching me.I think I see every hours there was to the middle of the night. Oh well the joys of being a wife,gramma and farmer.

The sun is shining bright today as I gander out my front window, the old dog is actually laying out on the ground where my truck use to be parked,theres no snow there and he is enjoying the sun.
Baby is now eatting crackers and cherrios. Praying he feels better so sad his little whimpers.

Since his 1st birthday is Thursday I have been introducing him to a big boy cup. I think he will be easy to break from the bottle. They make sippy cups now with the soft nozzles unlike when my kids were little they were hard as a rock.

Rob has firemens meeting tonight and their having their pizza night, so its just me and Nick for supper. Nick says we should have pizza also,so i am going to get one just for us also. No need to cook a big meal Nick's pretty easy to please. I am very lucky Nicks such a good kid.

Need to buy more hay today. I will be so glad when warmer weather gets here. Then everything can go out to pasture then chores will be so much easier.

Not much going on here til I get going.

Just wanted to check in and say good morning
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