Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Blinking Light

Sitting here drinking my um-teen cup of coffee this morning I am noticing my red blinking light isnt there.Alot of people wouldnt understand the true value of this single blinking little red light. BUT if your a farmer you understand all to well what a non blinking light can lead to. LOOSE animals. Sitting where I sit every morning I have the view of my front yard,which is also my driveway,pasture, and barn yard in the winter. My fence charger light that all to valuable red light isnt blinking this morning. Now I bet cha a dozen homemade plain ole fashion donuts before I get outside to do chores Jacob will be on the other side of the fence. Thankfully he is very easy to put in and scoop of grain and he will follow you any where, typical male lead them around by their stomaches. LOL.

My precious grandson is sleeping so soundly this morning in his play pen, ok my problem with this is, not that he is sleeping but at 11pm I tried to put him in same play pen to sleep and he wanted nothing to do with it. So my darling Anthony and gramma slept in the recliner again and believe me, I use the term sleep, loosely. He laid on my chest all night and slept fine, wanted nothing to do with play pen, now gramma is up play pen isnt so bad. Which really I dont mind it give us cuddly time. Rob has been working long hrs and hasnt been home much at all for the past month so when he gets home he is exhausted and when he sleeps he snores so loudly that the baby just cant sleep, so Anthony and I sleep in the recliner, so baby can sleep.

Woo-Hoo its daylight at 6:30 now. I could see all the way to the end of the driveway at 6:30. signs warmer weather is coming the more day light we get the closer spring is to getting here.

We have so many new plans for the farm. I am so excited.

Finally will have my petting farm for children,a shop to buy homemade & bake goods, different country crafts. I have been working hard on getting inventory made to be able to have well stocked shelves. Cant open the shop til the cows go to pasture. I am renovating my cow barn, the building already has power so it a start. And I have a son who is good with lumber so I plan on putting him to work also. Trying to get Rob to do some rustic country wood items, towels racks different things, still working ideas for that. But I think Alexandria needs a little store to buy things. We have the Apple orchard you can get great apples, jams,pickles,cider(to die for) and Nancys great apple pies. We have a wonderful soap shop down the road a piece where Lilly makes the best soaps and lotions. Her stuff is wonderful.

I live on past both on them and on the way to the AMC Lodge where hikers go yr round and many stop and buy eggs from me on their way up the mtn. and have asked where to buy muffins,breads with out going back down the mtn. We dont have any place in town. So I was figuring I love to bake and not so bad at it, I could make stuff and put it in the shop, when stuff is in season have specials. Hey if things dont sell my family eats it, they see this as a winning idea.

So many things to do today, take Sami to Tilton,buy hay, hoping the guy in Franklin is back from Brazil. Need to get the ingredents to make a cake and homemade ice cream for his birthday tomorrow. The big number 1....Oh yes have to clean the rental also today.

Well I suppose I need to get busy all the animals are looking around for breakfast, and yes time to fix the blinking light. have a Blessed day
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