Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out my front window..

Blustery and windy this morning,partly sunny and lots of wind. Watching one of my buckets rolling around the driveway. I have to go clean the rental house today.
Anthony is having his first birthday today. My precious grandson gets to have his own cake this afternoon.,, lets see if he smooshes it all up. LOL
I do have to go pick up 2 more round bales of hay today, picked up 2 yesterday, if I get these 2 I will be all set for the rest of the month.

Anthony will go home today, hoping tomorrow and this weekend will be nice to work outside, Ihave to clean the front of the cow barn out so I can make a pen for Daisy the goat. Not sure when she is due so watching her closely. Excited about her having a baby. it will be the only new baby born on my farm this yr. I do miss not having any piglets born here this yr. But I am enjoying the freedom of chores.

I would love to have a couple sheep, as many of you know my dream is to learn to spin and use my own yarn. I have a cousin who amazes me she is a farmer. I guess growing up I never thought of her as farmer type. But she grows, dyes and does all her own yarn. i wish she lived closer. She is in Maine. i do have a lady on HT site who does live only 30 minutes away that has said she would teach me how to make soap, not sure if she knows how to spin i guess have to ask her.

Rob is way down in the western part of the state today hauling logs. He will have a long day.
Well if I dont get busy I wont get done.
Pray you all have a very Blessed day and stay safe and warm.
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