Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow,Snow and more snow.

I dont know about all you guys out there but I am about sick of snow every day. Living here on the mountain is great and I love it, but I cant shovel any more. The weather man says another 2-5 inches by morning, Hmm which morning is talking about, I had 4 this morning when we got up at 4am. and its still coming hard. Another couple feet and my poor cows are going to walk out over the top of their fencing.The dog in the kennel is getting mad cuz the dog house door needs to be shoveled out, again more shoveling, He can still get in, I threw a piece of meat in the house and he went in after it, now if he would only sleep in there, he is just to active to have in the house with all the cats an the other 3 dogs.

I ran out of split wood this morning. Need to muster the strength to go try to split the piece in basement. I ache in places I forgot I had. I think we have gotten over 2 feet of snow this week, or at least it feels like it. Nick doesnt have any aides coming today so I dont have to shovel the end of the driveway out so they can get in.

So hows the weather at you place? How much snow have you gotten. I honestly dont mind the snow as long as I dont need to get out. In the old days the horses would be used and shoveling wouldnt be a issue. The wagon could make it in and out with no problem. High clearance. Really wish things were that easy. LOL

I have power so I guess I am better off than alot of people in NH. I may not have wood split in the house but there is enough stuff to burn to stay warm, and i do have wood in basement, just need to find my wedges. Plenty of snow to melt if we had to. As soon as Rob gets back home we will cut up more wood and hopefully he will get here in daylight to be able to open up the driveway. Just talk to him and he said most likely I have to come get him,, hello I am stuck in driveway. So when I get done here I guess thats my hint to go try to move the truck and face it out, so I can get a running start.

The snow is beautiful but enough is enough. Spring is less than 3 weeks away so melting is going to be a good thing and can start NOW!

I need to go out an do chores cows are looking at me like I forgot them, wow that was nice of the plow driver going by he just plowed the end of my driveway in,,, I know they can help it.

Well my recipe of the day has been slacking lately, hopefully next week will be a easier week and I can get back on track. Today is suppose to be a mystery, sure is even to me, shut my eyes and open the recipe book. LOL


A great Yankee favorite

5 lb brisket corn beef 6 carrots

4 peppercorns 1 small cabbage

6 small beets unpeeled 8 peeled potatoes

4 med turnips peeled

Place meat in kettle with peppercorns. Cover with cold water.

Simmer for 3 to 4 hrs.until meat is tender. During the last hr of cooking remove pepper corns and add beets turnips and carrots. In last half hr add cabbage and the potatoes. When all ready to serve remove skin of the beets. Serve with mustard, horseradish sauce or pickles.

enjoy,,any left overs well make great Red Flannel Hash for morning That recipe is tomorrows.

Have agreat day
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