Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday

This is Anthony with a Girl Scout Cookie smile Thin Mint to be exact.

I laughed so hard had to take his picture

Lazy Sunday
Thats a term used very loosely around here.
Lazy doesnt happen often for me. After spending a week being very sick today is a good day. I have accomplished alot. Several loads of laundry til I ran out of spaces to hang it up. Pork roast on the stove cooking with onions and garlic, shortly will have carrots and potatoes added to finish all cooking in one pan.

Going to be painting one of my floors tonight hunter green, got the paint for free with one of the ads from Homesteadingtoday other wise known to most of us on face book as HT. If you have never checked out a wonderful site with knowledge from so many different people you are missing something that is special. so when you get a chance go browse thru I bet you'll find something that interest you. If you dont you will be the first person I have ever mentioned it to that didnt like something about the site.

The sun has been out great today, wish we didnt have snow and it was like April would of been a perfect day for a walk. But with Anthony just getting over being sick also not taking any chances.

Rob has been working all day or should I say been gone all day. From the phone call I just received more like a bunch of guys standing around chatting about logging and horses and a combination of both and how who is related to who,HMMM that sound like what they accuse women of doing.

Been reading alot about raised bed gardens. I do believe that is what I am going to do this yr here. Will be able to plant a little earlier, it mention placing plastic jugs over plants ,,I have started saving milk jugs an any plastic jug we get recycle them instead of putting them at the dump.Going to do more research and post in seperate posting.

Really not much going on today as the title say lazy Sunday. The week will make up for it I am sure. Still have to reset up my sewing room, I want to out a bed in there. Believe me this summer it will be so hot up stairs some one else will be glad theres a bed down there also. With being sick and or having the baby here I sleep alot of night in recliner if I had a spare bed we could sleep down there.

Took a gander in the refrigerator awhile ago to see what was left for left overs..LOL right, with 2 men and a growing teenager- leftovers . I did see enough roast beef to make a nice meat pie tomorrow. I have been craving a nice juicey meatloaf lately so that will happen for one meal, then meat loaf sandwiches,, yumyum.

Thinking about starting recipe day posting, each day of the week feature an ole fashion olden day recipe. Monday- breads, Tuesday-casserole-Wednesday-meat dish-Thursday vegetables-Friday-desserts- Saturday and Sunday will be suprise days. What do ya think? feed back any one?

Gardening,craft,canning, posting to start appearing when I find intersting stuff.

If you want to know something, let me know I'll look it up and share it.

Well my baby is dancing to HillBilly Bones and is requiring my attention.

So on that note you have a wonderful day

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