Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome July

Good morning from the mountain. A heavy dampness fills the air. Rain expected. What a wonderful long weekend. Got to spend the whole weekend with my husband. We took the time to just be together and have decided that one weekend a month will be just us. Not that we don't love having grandchildren around,, just need some us time in the busy schedules of summer.

We bought a new to us back hoe and Rob has been enjoying doing some dirt work here at the farm. He shouldn't have a problem finding things that need work,, the farm is always a work in progress. trying to get hay season started. Need 3 days  of nice weather no rain,, no 100% humidity also helps, nice breeze would be a plus.

 Going to spend this morning working in the garden. poor thing its hard to put in when your standing in ankle deep mud. Hoping to get more transplanted today so they can get rooted and start producing vegetables.

Meat birds don't have much longer before they go to freezer and canner camp. Some probably should of been killed already but in the heat not happening.

Goats are doing awesome, moved their pen over under the trees they seem to enjoy it there,, lots of shade. Will let them loose for a while today and they can graze. Pigs are growing, 2 will leave next month for a pig roast and the girls will be split  between 2 families.
So busy busy busy.

Havent really opened the farm stand yet as  it just keeps raining. Hard to keep baked goods fresh and  craft items dry.

Meeting tonight at fire dept,, getting things finalized for our 50 years of service celebration. Time is running out to get prep work done. July 20th will be here before we know it.

Have heard from Bucky Lewis he is fitting us in and preforming for us
Music being provided by several different groups and my father inlaw is doing the announcement and music in between groups.
Parade starts at 10, ceremony for charter members at 11, many events demonstrations, lots of food and vendors.

Hoping everyone comes out and joins the fun

I suppose while its not raining I best get out side and get some work done.

Have an awesome day


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