Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good morning--July 24,2013

What a glorious morning on the mountain. The birds are singing praises and so happy its not raining. The sun is trying to break through a thick fog. Looks like a wonderful day is ahead of us.

The farm has a new member. Shirley my little pygmy goat gave birth yesterday afternoon to an adorable baby girl. Colors of white and black poke a dots and brown boots.
Just as precious as the day is long.
 I did loose a chicken (meat bird) this morning noticed he had past to a better place,, He got injured a mos or so back  so I placed him in his own cage so he could still eat and drink and not struggle. This morning he was called to the bigger chicken coop above.

Charlie the little runt pig I had gotten from an educational farm in April is doing awesome,, he is quite the ham no pun intended. Loves to be scratched and played with. He is a hit of the visits from the campers that stop by.
The other 5 pigs are doing wonderfully and growing super. A few more months and they will go to freezer camp.
I have put a deposit on 5 more piglets to raise thru the winter for spring processing.
Would really like to get a milk cow,, but figure the goats can provide milk also and less space for them to be housed.d
My new bunnies should becoming home soon. I have two liters. One from my female and one from a bred doe I had bought but she was so close to birthing we didn't want to move her. Hoping to find a few meat rabbits to breed. between the chickens and pigs a few rabbits in the freezer would be a nice change. Would love to get out and do some fishing also. The more we can harvest, grow, and can and freeze the better we will be this winter. Now is I could grow salt and coffee.
Hoping next year to get set up with a few hives to have our own honey. One more step in self sufficiency. Taping some maple trees also will help in cutting back on the sugar we use.

This weekend some time we will be putting the last of the meat birds also in freezer camp. they have met their weight requirements and then some. Some have quite the waddle going on.

Since my last post I was given 2 more does. Beautiful 4 year old pygmies.  I do believe there are 2 more out there that will give birth this summer.

The garden has finally been completed and is growing. Things will be a little behind everyone else but that's ok as long it provides winter food.

The blueberry field just up the road a piece have now opened. I will visit them often as I would like to make jam and pie filling for winter use.

Speaking of winter July is almost over a few months to get ready. Not in any hurry that's for sure but you can never be to prepared for the winter months on the mountain.

I have decided to clean out the pantry this year and strip it down and start over, somethings have been in there forever it seems. Replacing bags and boxes with canning jars and storage containers is a must.
I have started my winter lists of things to have on hand in case of weather related issues up here.  We are due for some terrible weather. its been several years the cycle is coming full circle and we need to be ready. My lists of prepping have begun. I love to gaze at the pantry shelves and know I can provide for my family in case of emergencies and we dont have to run to the store every day for meals. We may not eat fancy but we sure wont starve.

Cant wait for the wood to come in. I know my husband works for a logging company and they have a wood processor,, but I totally love to split wood. Hoping to get some type of wood shed built this year where the whole winters wood wont have to be in the basement. Which is ok if my pantry and washer weren't down there makes walking around tricky. But anyways going to try to talk him to letting me have 1 load in log length so I can work it up. Lord knows I need the exercise. Since haying is becoming more difficult because we cant get 3 days in a row of nice weather to  be able to get it cut and baled before the next rain falls.

Well I suppose as the sun shines in on my back I am wasting time and should be getting laundry hung out and floors cleaned.

I pray you have an awesome day

God Bless each of you who read my postings and those who don't also


simple farm girl
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