Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17,2013

Good morning from the mountain. Feeling very happy that the snow has finally stopped. I wish we had last weeks weather.. 32+ degrees for several days can spoil you.  Back to the deep freeze this week. Yesterday snow storm of maybe 2 inches,,came in more as almost 6 inches.. You will not see a happy face. That just means more shoveling for me.

Last week our seeds came in from Johnnys seed from Maine. I love them. I actually got them ordered and received them before it was time to plant. So what are you planting this year? I am so jealous of those who are thinking of playing in the soil today. I have to wait several more months.

So hoping the flu that is going around is out of my home.. So far only baby Lilianna was really sick. Few snuffles here and there.. But my baby girl was real sick.

Nick is quite happy to have his practice IPad from ATECH. He has been working hard making sentences to learn to talk. This will be a communication device as his speech is getting tougher for him. Proud how hard he is working on this.

Quiet in the house this morning. I have been up since 2am since Rob needed to leave this morning by 3:30am. Would of been nice to have the log truck home, he wouldnt of had to leave so early. Sitting here yawning wishing the coffee that taste awesome would kick in and wake me up.
Going to be a very long day.

Recipes to go thru to see what will be on the baking list for the day. Someone on my face book posted a picture of a lemon pie yesterday and it made my mouth water just looking at it.. Ever had that happen,,just looking at something makes ya almost be able to taste it.
I do know supper will consist of meat loaf, mash potatoes and gravy. That was suppose to be last night, but I had a meeting so we just had subs..

Watching the goats close. My Hemmi is acting uncomfortable. Thinking she will be having twins. This will be her first births.
Next month will be a busy one. Abby and Daisy will be giving birth.After that the rest will be March and April. Shirley had Puddin a month ago already.. He is such a riot to watch. Be glad when there a a few more for him to play with.
Should  be getting our piglets this week. Nick has been asking to have a piglets he can raise, so we needed to get two. They are such social animals,, they need to have a buddy.

Alot of changes coming to the farm this year. More chickens and poultry and pigs.
Also considering a rustic camp ground. We are pondering putting a few small building up in the back pasture, no power, or running water,,pure off the grid. It would be like camping  with a tent but only have a solid building. Water would be available on the trailer lot and bath house built. Something we are considering.

So what are you doing differently this year on your farm. Are you planting this year things you have never tried? Have you added a new animal, or learned a new skill? Share it with me. I know there are several things I want to learn.  Spinning, out door cooking, would love an outside oven. Want a treddle sewing machine so badly.

Well I guess I have bored you enough for one day. I hope you have an awesome year.

God Bless  from the simple farm girl

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