Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Sunday morning from the mountain.. Yes we are all still kicking here.. I know it has been along time since I have posted here. Computer issues,, life issues and farming in general has kept me busy.

We are already in to the first mos of fall. our leaves have changed and many have fallen to the ground. hay season went well. We will find ourselves still buying hay again this year
Many changes have taken place this year. We sold all the cows and bulls this year and bought  a herd of goats, all does. Many dairy breeds. The pygmies will help with the babies for the petting farm next year.

I have been working on another farm stand this past summer and acquired some awesome information on milking and making cheeses and yogurt from goats milk. Amazed at the number of people wanting goat cheese. never knew there was a calling for it. The goats also will be easier keepers than the cows. I was devastated in march when I lost my milking cow and her calves she was carrying. That was a hard blow to the farm,, loss of meat , milk and babies.

So turning my attention to chickens, eggs, and goats and their products. should be a big learning experience.

Rob has been out of work now for over a month due to a medical issue and by the looks from talking to the doctors last week, he wont be allowed back to work until the new year and thats a maybe. This was a surprise and not one we counted on. But I have faith my God is bigger than any problem that will fall our way. We are learning just what can be done when we set our minds to it. It has been nice having him home to get things done we wouldnt have time for normally. But I know he wants to get back to work as I want  him to also.. Happy husband means the rest are happy.

Once everyone is up and about we need to talk about going to the top pasture and hauling down the trees that have been cut now for awhile.  By him not working the wood situation is getting slim. But there is plenty cut down as we were clearing the pasture now for a few years. It will burn nicely in the kitchen cook stove. If the baby isnt in the basement this winter we wont need to burn the furnace all the time and that will save on alot of wood. Have told Samantha she does need to find a place for her and Lilianna before winter, It will be better for the baby to have a bigger place to run around and safer. Now she is up walking around,, terribly afraid of her getting hurt, falling down the stairs and such.

I suppose I should start making breakfast ,, the smell of food cooking might get Rob and Nick up and get things moving for the day. I know Rob is tired,, he doesnt sleep well but hopefully with a cpap machine soon that will all change.

I am praying you all have a wonderfully Blessed day

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