Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11,2012--- such a chilly day

Its amazing to me how  one month can be so chilly but the months of winter we had were actually warm. In March this yr we had beautiful 70-90 degrees some day and today is down right chilly at 43. It has rained here it seems most of this month already. Its going to take a good solid week of warm sun shine to dry everything out so I can continue planting. I have several gardens to start but dont dare to get into them until it starts to stay warm. Been working on getting the farm stand going ad repaired and going for this year. But rain has stopped us from being open a few days.. Since our stand is your basic no frills stand. Someday would like a  more solid building,, but that will also add to the property taxes, which are already high enough. With all the rain all the green leaves have budded out and started to unfold. All trees and plants are starting to look alive, which is a nice sight.

Two days ago we were blessed with a new liter of bunnies. All the baby chicks are growing awesome. The first batch are almost 2 mos old. Looking awesome. Next 4 are a week old they are sweet. New batch is  in the incubator going to be hatching in about  2 week.  We go pick up the new big incubator next weekend,, right now 40 more baby chicks have hatched.
Still waiting for  Lucy the cow and all the goats to kid,, I really dont think Mack did his job with the goats. I might have to borrow a little buck and have them bred.

Today the wind is blowing and the sun is out but it is not warm.  Cant  wait for everything to dry out.

Have a pile of manure  to move this weekend.. Always fun fun fun stuff  on the farm.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend.

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