Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24,2012

Maybe,, just maybe we can get one posted this month. I am not very smart on this computer,,and i thinkit knows it. Been having a dicken of a time getting logged and be able to post. Lots has happen since February some good some not so good.
No new babies as of yet, well not born here anyways, we do have baby  chicks. My big ole milk cow died on me on March 22,2012.... One of the hardest weeks ever. Dot would of been 7 in June and  she was due to calves shortly. My heart broke so deep. She was my very first calf born on my farm and the last animal thats was here from my old farm. Sometimes I can be so attached to my animals more than  real people. They are always here to listen and not that they talk back so we understand them per say,, but  they listen ,, they dont judge. and are always happy to see you each day. Broke my heart to bury her, considering I lost her from meat and the calf she was carrying. Thats a big lose to a small family farm.
I do have to thank a very special man for coming to my rescue and helping me bury her,, he is a sweet man. Thank you forever, Robbie. You stepped in when no one else would. I will also remember that.

The weather here has been strange, we barley had any snow all winter, and hardly no rain. Hoping for a nice summer and great haying weather.
Its almost garden time here. I had made several gardens over the weekend,, mostly flower ones to help bring in the bees and butterflies possibly a humming bird or two. Having no tractor with a bucket it sure does make garden making a task. Everything by hand really just wanted to pop in and say hello and let you know we are all still hanging in there. I hope your weather is spring like not winter like as mine is,
God Bless
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