Saturday, July 10, 2010

Been along time

Been a long time since last post. Alot has happened around here. First 3 weeks ago our Hay Rake was stolen out of the field. The heat around here has been terrible and no rain to boot. My garden looks terrible more yellow than green. I have lost another 2 liters of bunnies I think heat related this time. Have had to fence up my little dogs cuz they were killing my bigger rabbits that run loose.
The extreme heat has made every one cranky this week, long hrs in the heat and working has made it so we all needed a little more sleep this morning.
We were able to find a hay rake in Maine and went and picked it up this morning. Now the fun begins. i really do love haying it is great exercise.

the berries are now out around these parts so will concentrate on what ever is ripe this week and get some for jams and stuff.

The ordeal with my teeth is finally better, I have never experiences so much extreme pain in my
life. Its bee 5 weeks now so feeling much better and can wear the tops all the time, but the bottoms still choke me and cant eat with them. Will get permanent ones in a few more month. Something i am so glad I will never have to do again.

We did have another goat given to us, now we have a pure bred Nigerian Dwarf buck named Brownie,, he isnt as friendly as the other 2 but he is coming around.

Well the rain has stopped for a few minutes i better get busy here, have alot of stuff to catch up on.
You all have a wonderful weekend, hope your getting sunshine where you need it and Rain where its needed.
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