Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tornado Tuesday

Tornado--figure of speech.. Weather is great- actually to hot. I am cleaning my house becuz it looks like a tornado went thru it and no one here knows how to just PICK UP after yourselves.
have ya ever had a day ya wish a dumpster would roll up and say free load as heavy as you like, . Today ok this month is one of them.

I cant get laundry caught up as soon as I am Almost there, it rains and Robbie wets thru blankets and sheet and i get behind. I dont have a dryer so its fair weather laundry around here. i would owe more money to the light company also and they already get enough from me.

Last night we found a very cold and lonely baby bunny on the lawn next to Wilbur the Pot belly pig. I cleaned him (thinks its a her) off, so very cold and covered in ants. stuck her in my shirt between the girls and warmed her up. Fed her a very little canned milk from an eye dropper. this morning she is still hanging in there and bought a can of kitty formula at 20.00 a can and fed her a little bit more. they dont eat only 2- 2 1/2 cc a couple times a day. I have her next to me in a micro-fleece towel inside and plastic container, she is nice and warm and sleeping .

Had to take Mr. Anthony back yesterday. breaks my heart every time I leave him. I enjoy him so much he adds such laughter and excitement to my life. His mom told me yesterday she is due again in Feb 3rd, week before Anthony will be 2. And my youngest daughter said something today she thinks she is expecting. She is 21. So no giving away all the baby furniture now. I love being gramma.

Well today is been busy, the humidity is making it hard for me to breathe, but its easier to hang up laundry in the sunshine than the rain.LOL

As soon as it cools off it will be time to start baking again, I got all the stuff today for cookies and pies. Bought a bunch of cold pak to place under everything.
Well i hear the washing machine spinning out for the last time, so i better go hang it out and reload it. You all have the best day ever.
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