Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting back on track

I am trying to get back on track, with my blog writing and being more focused on things off the computer than on. I enjoy so much reading everyone elses life i forget to work at my own. So this week i am trying to wean myself back to a hr or so in morning before everyone else is up and taking over my day and maybe a few minutes at night. Its summer time and there is more than enough to do that has nothing to do with the computer and before we know it winter will be here and i will ask myself where did summer go. My garden suffered terribly in the heat from the past 2 weeks, but the gardens that grew by them selves in the manure pile have flourished greatly. the farm stand is going slowly , alot to do on my part of being on here to much.

Its time for me to practice what i preach and truly live according to my dreams and wishes. So As of today i am concentrating on moving kritters to different pasture areas and getting the barn yard cleaned up. No more sitting here reading and wandering how everyone does everything they do. I have plenty to do, after chores and daily household chores also are done, there is always cages to clean and grass to mow, today i will also move the tractor off the church lawn since Rob doesnt seem to be able to find the time.
I am hoping to pick more berries tomorrow as of Monday the blueberry fields next door were pretty green. looking for raspberries but cant seem to find enough to pick at once time, small batches here and there will just get froze til i have enough for a batch or 2 of jam. Black berries will also be ripe soon.

but for today its moving the cows and piglets to new grazing and pens, restacking hay i know i can hear the goats in. Putting supper in a crock pot as I have a planning board meeting tonight and dont know what time Rob will be home. Laundry and rearranging my house and cleaning up my yard,mowing grass. that should fills today time.
I pray each and everyone of you have a great day and live your dreams and dont let anyone take them from you.
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