Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10,2007

Well its been a long 2 weeks, my last posting was on October 27,2007 I havent posted since then because that day i got the news my 16yrold nephew died, I took a week and went to Fla to be with my brother. Spent a long week there, People take every day for granted,,through all this I have learnt, you never know when yesterday could be your last tomorrow.I think I have gotten everything done and back in order since I have been back.
Its now time to clean up the yard and put away farm implements that wont be needed this winter, we have already had snow. Nothing that has stayed, but it wont be long, While I was gone we had another liter of piglets. Rob didn thave a good time, she started having babies in pasture. By time all was said and done she now is in the barn with only 2 piglets.
We help slaughter and dress 3 of the neighbors pigs yesterday. Bought home the livers and hearts. Butcher will save all the leaf lard the customers dont want for me. I will render it down for use all year.
Today we are going to go get lumber to make more slatted floors for the sows to come in and farrow on.
We had to bury a family dog Thursday, he was 11 1/2 yrs old very sad, He was Rob's dog from 8 weeks old, so that was especially tough on him.
Well I guess its time to get this family up and moving, it may be Saturday but chores need to be done and work is waiting.
I am glad you stopped by and visited with us, even if its in a cyber way.

Smile at some one new every day you could be the one to get blessed.
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