Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday October 27,2007

Well its Saturday, sitting looking out window, its rainy, only 50 degrees out with a bit of a chill to it. Not much going on out side other than chores today I dont believe. Inside its nice wood stove going, theres a chocolate cake in oven, apple pie and biscuits have already come out, baking beans and ham for supper. The smells are wonderful
Do believe it will be a easy day as far as farm work goes, boys are doing their own thing, Rob is half sleeping half watching some show on TV which isnt making any sense to me. So when cake come s ut of oven I am headed to go finish setting up sewing room.
We were hoping to go bush hog and cut some wood in Campton today, a job we got hired to do, but looks like rain most of weekend I think.
Hope your weekend goes as great as you would like, Have a great one.
Good Bless, smile you might be the one to get Blessed
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