Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday- October 21,2007

Its Sunday morning, the sun is shinng very bright. Looks like it is going to be a nice day out. Testerday we had some heavy rain all of a sudden. It lastest about 20 minutes, then the most beautiful double rainbows came out,, so bright rich colors.
Today is clean up day, Rob did alot of bull dozing yesterday, we have a big pile of rocks right now, that need to find new homes. Today we have to clean out the pig barns and pens and the cow barn. Wont take long we stay up on the cleaning every day, but today will be the wash down of cob webs, and scrubbing out pens. Scrubbing all the feed dishes and water dishes.
After that its off to the big city,LOL anything past us is big. Have to go to Home Depot as much as I hate to and buy some more garbage barrells, We have used all our new ones at the stores and shops that give us their left overs now we need to buy more so we can have some to replace them when we do pick up, which is today also.
Rob has to check the lumber situation out, we have another pig starting to fill up so she is going tobe due shortly need to make another slated floor pen.
Suppose to be having my moms camper dropped off today tostore up back for the winter, need to trap that over and get ready for snow.
Stoppping to get all the kids pumpkins today, while we are in the city.
Rob wants breakfast so better get busy, french toast,sausage and home made maply syrup we made earlier this yr.
Every one have a blessed day
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